For Immediate Assistance 24/7 Call 210-661-3991

For Immediate Assistance 24/7 Call 210-661-3991

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Gregory A. Medcalf

Gregory A. Medcalf
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By law, before discussing funeral arrangements, funeral establishments are required to give consumers a General Price List (GPL). This list itemizes the costs of funeral services and merchandise for sale

Consumer brochures shall also be presented at the beginning of the arrangement conference for disposition. Here is the direct link to the Texas Funeral Service Commission website, where you can review the document in a pdf format. An original copy will be given at the time of final arrangements.

Facts about Funerals

English: About Funerals English.pdf
Spanish: About Funerals Spanish.pdf

I acknowledge that I have been provided with the ability to view and download the General Price List and Facts about Funerals and I am ready to proceed.