Jacque Lynn Rakowitz (Neil) Jacque went home to be with God on July 6, 2020. She was born on April 20, 1964. Jacque is proceeded in death by her mother Patsy Neil, father Jack Neil, and brother Rodney Neil. Jacque leaves behind her husband Michael Rakowitz, two children Sabrina Espinoza (husband Eric Espinoza), son Michael E Rakowitz, two grandsons Isaiah Espinoza and Elijah Espinoza, sister Rhonda Schmitz (husband Tom Schmitz), sister Rochelle Guajardo (husband Fernando Guajardo), brother Kenneth Neil (wife Tammy Neil), her step mother Iris Neil, numerous nieces and nephews as well as life long friends Toye Grimes, Patricia Collier, and Paula Altgelt. Jacque was a friend to everyone. Her personality truly lit up a room. She loved to make conversation with just about anyone and would talk about anything.

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  1. Mom, I miss you so much. Lately I’ve been finding myself wanting to call you and fill you in on what’s been going on since you passed. The boys have been asking about you a lot but they know you’ll always be in their hearts. It still doesn’t feel real. It feels like one day I’ll wake up and you’ll be calling me and bugging me like you always used to. I honestly miss you annoying me. I truly do and that’s something I took for granted. I know you’re at peace. You’re at peace with no being sick anymore. You’re at peace knowing you left an impression on everyone you met even the people who worked at H-E-B who you would annoy lol. I can hear you now “OMG Sabrinaaaa”! I know how before you passed away you were saying how you’d come to visit while we’re in Killeen well guess what!? You’ll be with us cause I have your ashes. And again I can hear your voice in my head asking questions about that lol. I love you mom so much! We all love you! Love, Sabrina, Isaiah & Elijah

  2. Jacque always tried to cheer me up and sent me positive comments on facebook. She was a great Aunt and was always nice to me. I remember I loved going over to their house for holidays and hang outs to enjoy chatting with her and the food and gifts she gave. I appreciated when she shared her house with my dad for him to live in when not on the road. Love you Aunt Jacque.

  3. I was looking through our year books and kept thinking about all the good times we had over the years. I know we didn’t get to talk much after we graduated but you were always with me were ever I was at and you will always be with me. You were more than a friend you were me other sister. I miss you now and I will miss you always. I love you and relieved that you are no longer in pain. God Speed best friend I will see you again in a better place.

  4. Jacque, I’m sad that you’re gone but I know you’re no longer in pain. I hope you’re enjoying that bbq plate that my dad has prepared for you. Keep him company for me, will ya? Sincerest condolences to your family, The Mendoza/Brown Family

  5. I’m sure they’re both enjoying each other’s company and talking about us and their grandkids. Thank you for your sweet message cousin

  6. Hey mom, It’s been almost 7 months since you passed. A lot has happened these past few months. I wish I could share the excitement of our move with you. Isaiah’s doing amazing in school! Elijah’s fully potty trained, even at night! Eli will be starting pre-K 4 this coming fall. We have a dog named Daisy and she has brought us all so much joy. She’s the most sweet and gentle little girl with the boys. Eric got his motorcycle license and I got myself help for my mental health. We enjoyed our first snow day with the kids in Texas. We love you mom! Miss you always 🦋

  7. Hey mom, It’s been about 6ish months since my last post to you. Next month makes a year that you’ll be gone and it still doesn’t feel real. I know you’ll be proud of everything we’ve accomplished in the last year. Isaiahs going to 3rd grade!! He’s reading on a late 3rd grade early 4th grade level and his math is also on a late 3rd grade level. Eli’s going to school too! He’s super excited for pre-K. I don’t think he fully understands what’s going to happen yet lol. Eli had his year check up with his cardiologist a few weeks ago and he said everything with Eli is going amazingly and he may not have to see a cardiologist after next year but that’s still to be determined. I’ve completed my therapy. Kelly said I made significant progress with therapy. I’m pretty proud of myself. But mostly I’m proud of the boys. They’ve gone through changes this year and they act like nothing ever happened. They miss you sooo much! Whenever we watch Moana and the part where her grandma dies Eli says “my grandma died too, I miss her”. We have your urn in the living room and whenever I get onto the boys they always say “I’m gonna go tell grandma on you” and run to your urn to tell on me lol. I guess that’s their way of dealing with me since they can’t call you hahahah. I know you’d laugh if you could. I miss you soooo much mom! Daisy had her first birthday a few weeks ago. She truly has been a God send to our family. I believe you had something to do with that. I’ll keep you updated mommy! Keep looking after us ♥️

  8. Mom, I need you now more than ever! I’ve been going through so much that I’ve kept bottled up. I just wish you could wrap your arms around me and tell me everything will be okay. I feel alone! I feel like I’m drowning. I’m trying so so hard to be strong for the boys but it’s so hard mom! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I love you enough but I truly mean it! I LOVE YOU! If I could’ve saved you I would! I never thought your death would hit me this much! It hurts also knowing I was emotionally alone through it all! I hope you guide me with what I need to do next and I hope you’re protecting me and the boys. I love you mom soooo much!

  9. Hey mom! The boys have started school again. Eli is loving Pre-K!! He loves his teacher and is making friends. He’s doing sooo good! Isaiah’s doing amazing as well! He likes his two teachers and has made a few friends. I know you’re with them everyday and I know you’d be so proud of them! We love you ♥️

  10. Hey mom, Nana passed away a few days ago. She caught COVID which ultimately lead to Pneumonia but I’m sure you know this already. I know you both are catching up and talking about all that has happened this past year. None of this feels real. The most important women to ever be in my life are all now angels. I take the strength you’ve each given me and I use that to keep going for the boys and for myself. I miss you so much mommy! Keep watching over us and give Nana the biggest hug from Isaiah, Eli and I. Oh by the way Eli streaked at school. I’m talking full Monty. I know you of all people would’ve laughed until you peed your pants but then you would’ve asked him “ammm Eli why did you do that”? We love you endlessly mama!

  11. Hey mommy, Just wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to recently. The boys are doing great in school! Isaiah has A’s and B’s and his B’s are almost A’s! We had to get his medicine switched but this one seems to be helping him. Elijah’s learning to write his name. He writes it “E L I J H” he always forgets the A lol. He’s also learning how to spell it. He’s such a flirt with the little girls in his class. He’s a mess lol. The kids had picture day the other day but only Elijah took pictures because Isaiah caught a stomach bug and stayed home so hopefully he can get them done during a make up day. As for myself I’m still trying to get into school. I just have to do my financial aid and sign up for classes. I know you’d be proud of the boys and I. We miss you so much! The boys have been talking about you a lot. One of Isaiah’s classmates lost his grandpa recently and he was upset and so Isaiah talked to him and let him know he wasn’t alone and that Isaiah knew how he felt because he lost you. We love you!

  12. Hey mom, Just wanted to share some pictures of the kids from Halloween today. They enjoyed trick or treating and got lots of candy. We know you were here with us in spirit. Happy Halloween Mom 🎃

  13. Hey Mom, We got Elijah’s school picture back. It’s so cute! He did so good taking his picture. He was super excited when he came home that day. He told me “mom I smiled like this cheeeese” and showed me his smile. Dad asked me for updated pictures of the boys so I’m getting one printed and I’m going to frame it and ship it to your house. Isaiahs getting his picture taken tomorrow because he was sick on picture day. I’ll print that one and frame it for Dad too. We miss you Mom! I posted Elijah’s picture since I can’t print it for you this year. We know you’re with us. We love you♥️

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