Stella Guerrero born May 23, 1933 passed onto to her heavenly life May 29, 2019 at the age of 86. Born to Feliciano and Reynalda Flores in Converse TX, Stella died peacefully surrounded by her loving family and was blessed with her last sacrament in San Antonio, TX. Stella was a dedicated parishioner to many parishes in her youth, most recently at St. Jerome Catholic Church in Martinez, TX. Stella also made many pilgrimages to San Juan, TX. to the Basilica of the Virgen de San Juan Del Valle. Our faith knows that Stella now resides with God and she has been reunited with her departed son, Robert, and other loved ones. She was preceded in death by her beloved son Robert E. Redman, parents Feliciano Flores and Reynalda Flores, her brothers Jesus Flores, Domingo Flores, Jose Flores, her sisters Margarita Flores and Guadalupe Flores. Mrs. Stella Guerrero is survived by her loving husband Arturo Guerrero, daughter in law Evelyn Redman, her sons Randy J. Redman, Paul M. Redman and wife Lynn, William J Redman and wife Rose, her sister Emma Krist, her grandkids Christopher Redman, Angela Redman Brewer, Kristin Redman, Jeremy Redman and Rhiannon Redman. She leaves behind numerous nieces, nephews and great grandchildren. Stella worked at Finesilver, Joske’s and retired from Frost Bank in San Antonio after long and distinguished career. Stella attended Harlandale High School and was part of the class of 1951. She was an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs and spent every Sunday or game day rooting for her Cowboys and Spurs. Stella lived as a military wife and mom in her early years. Her sons all served in the military along with her first husband Paul Redman. Their combined military careers spanned almost 100 years. She raised her sons on her own as her first husband was overseas in the military. She loved to play Bingo, Cards and Bunco making many friends along the way. In her early years she loved to sew and made clothes her sons wore as youngsters along with her dresses. Mom loved to cook and would always have something ready to eat when family showed up including her famous German Chocolate Cake. Most of all, Mom was about family and always sent everyone cards and letters to show her love and never missed a loved one’s birthday. The family would like to offer a very special thank you to the nurses and staff of The Baptist Medical Center ICU and Vitas Hospice Care for all their efforts and treatment. They were so very loving in their care and we were blessed to have them to guide us through her short illness. Arrangements by MeadowLawn Funeral Home. Please see events tab for services and times.

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  1. Please accept my sincere condolences to the family. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Stella. The Bible assures us at Psalms 34:18 that God is near to those broken in heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May your many memories help you find peace and comfort as you go through the coming days.

  2. Our condolences goes out to the Guerrero family. Stella was a loving and caring person always willing to help others . Our Prayers go out to the rest of family. From Frank and Alice Vivier

  3. Through your kindness and the great sense of humor, you made my trips to Texas very special. Thank you for the gift of the Blessed Rosary you gave me, it has helped me through may hard times and I thank you for that, I will keep it close. Also remember Ms. Stella to always double down in any games because you are a winner. Rest in Peace Love Always Myra

  4. Tonight we celebrated your life. We prayed the rosary as you walked on streets of gold. We laid you to rest to finally be reunited with your son Bob and meet your maker. I will never forget your warm love for me and your 3 great grandsons. RIP grandma — Miss Texas 🥰

  5. Mama Stella I love you Mama, not because your Paul’s mom but because you are mine. I remember when I met you and I don’t think you were too sure about me, but time has played well on our side. I may have started out as your daughter in law because I married your son, but you became my mama because we loved each other. You called me the daughter you never had. I’ve had so much fun with you mama these last 20 years. My heart breaks. All the times we went to the bar to dance. We would stay until the bar closed and since it was owned by Raul we usually stayed a little longer. Remember Paul twirling you and the all the other little old ladies around the dance floor. We laughed so much, it was so much fun. Mama you used to call me and asked if I had my red dancing shoes on, only a month ago you called and asked about my red dancing shoes and told me we will have to go dancing when I come home. We haven’t been dancing in a long time but that’s ok, I know your dancing now. Mama I do want to know, why did you always mentions red dancing shoes, neither one of us ever wore red shoes. I guess I’ll have to wait until I get to heaven to ask you. Mama, you always looked so pretty. Your hair and make-up was always beautifully done. You were so humble about it, when I would tell you how beautiful you were, you always would say, ‘aww meiha I’m an old woman”. I remember that once your hair was fixed, you didn’t like anyone to mess with it. As you became older though you loved when I would brush your hair and play with it. Thank you mama for allowing me one last time to touch you and play with your hair. I am glad I have that memory. How you LOVED God. You and I would drive 4 hours to go the Basilica in the Valley. I’m not even catholic. Remember how you always made me buy my own candle. We always walked the stations and would spend a good amount of time in the little gift shop and then drive the 4 hours back all in one day. You told me the story of the fire and the virgin; we talked a lot during that drive. I loved listening to your stories, these were the times I became your daughter. Thank you mama for sharing. Remember the time you packed a picnic lunch for us. That’s the time Papa came with us. We sat on that little bench outside and ate, and then afterwards we walked the stations. I remember the last time we went to the Basilica. I brought the wheel chair that Shaun bought for you. We walked the stations a little slower that time. I had a feeling it would be our last time there. We sure did learn a lot about each other all those hours driving. All the stories you would share with me about your childhood and about the childhood of your boys, and the sadness of certain things in your life. A lot gets said when you spend eight hours in car. A few days ago mama when I asked you what you wanted me to do and you told me that you wanted me to go to the Basilica in the Valley and light a candle for you, I’ll be going in Sept. Whenever we went to the Basilica you always brought gallon containers so that you could bring back Holy Water. You gave me a gallon once and I asked you “what I am I supposed to do with it?” You said, ‘well sprinkle it around your house Meiha, God will protect you”. I forgot about the water, it was in the trunk of my car. A few months later I had to do a PRT for the Navy. The running and push-ups and sit-ups. I got thirsty and so I drank some of that water. I remember when I told you, you got a little upset with me. I could see it in your face. Then I told you it was the best score I ever had and you softened and said “that’s good Meiha, see I told you God would protect you”. I will never forget when you gave me the necklace I have on today. It matches yours and you pointed that out to me. It wasn’t even Christmas or my birthday. It’s been with me mama around the world. It has been to Iraq, Korea, and Afghanistan and is with me in Virginia. Thank you mama, I love it. I didn’t know Bob except through you. I remember the first time we visited his grave, we couldn’t find it at first but we eventually did and every time after that we knew where it was. You loved to visit his grave. We never stayed long but you would touch his grave and I could see your lips moving as you quietly spoke to Bob. Then you would say that you were ready to go. When you talked about Bob you would always say “God bless his soul” at the beginning and end of every time you would talk about him. You told me that on the day he died you started praying the Rosary every day and that you hadn’t missed a day since. I remember you telling me that if I called and you didn’t answer it was because you were either in the restroom or praying the Rosary and you would call me back and you always did. My one regret is that I didn’t take you to his grave more often. Mama, I think you were a gambler in saint’s clothing. How many hours did we spend in that little house that papa built playing poker. OMG. Was that fun or what? You LOVED to gamble, I see where Paul and Randy get it from. I thank Papa for building that house and for the wood burning stove, kept us warm when it was cold outside. Sometimes though there would be so many people inside that we would slow down on putting wood in the stove otherwise it got to hot. Mama you were the life of the party. I remember Paul and Raul would always be talking smack but when you would say “Gut” Paul would always make some kind of comment about ‘here we go’, a lot of times he would fold because he was pretty sure that you had something in your hand or he would say “I’m going to gut with you”. We played until all hours of the morning; Around 2 or 3 AM I usually tapped out and would go to sleep in your bed. You, Paul, and Raul would continue to play cards until it was time for breakfast. Paul would wake me up; we would eat, talk a little more and then go home to rest. This was repeated on numerous occasions either at your, Raul’s, or rarely our house. What a blast. Just a few days ago Paul told you that we were going to your house to play poker and that he would give you $20.00. Mama, you’re so funny. This is a memory that I will never forget when you looked up at him and said “it’s not enough.” And then the casinos. Paul and you would drive to the casinos. I never went, that was something you and Paul loved to do together. Paul tells me that on the trips you’ll would both talk about how much money you were going to win. You would tell him “I’m going to hit those triple 7s on that 7 machine and I promise Meiho we will split the pot.” And then the long ride home, neither of you’ll won a “damn thing” and tried to figure out how you were going to eat on the way home. You’ll would even get a hotel room thinking that you’ll were going to need a place to sleep but just like when you played poker it was just a place to store your stuff and you played the slots all night long. Paul says on some occasions you would get lucky and as he went by to check on you, you would say “Meiho, would you take these coins and cash them in for me, he would look down at the bottom of the machine and there would be at least 4 buckets of casino dollars, weighing about 50 lbs. He said that he would tell you, “Damn mom, are we still going to split?” Paul says that was one of the better times when you’ll actually took money home and would discuss what you were going to spend it on. Paul also told me that a few months ago while your trailer was getting repaired and you and Papa stayed at our house for a month, there was a certain routine that always had to be followed: up early in the morning, coffee made in the old fashioned percolator because you didn’t like Paul’s drip coffee maker, and mom you always said it tasted better out of a percolator, you even gave us one years ago. Your clothes had to be dried on a line outside; papa even hung one between the trees just for that. And then the TV situation. Gun smoke, followed by more westerns, showers at 4, dinner at 430 and there was no deviation from this. Paul also laughed because you would give him $20. And tell him to go buy you lottery tickets because you were feeling lucky. Mama thank you for all the food over the years. Thank you for teaching me, Paul, and David how to make homemade tortillas But I got to tell you, Paul still doesn’t have it down right, they don’t quite look like tortillas should. I had so much fun cooking with you. I absolutely love your green beans with onions and tomatoes. I fix them according to your recipe but you must add something in there that makes them taste even better, it must have been the love. I miss those times with you already. I don’t know how many homemade tortillas you made us but it was a lot. Remember when you made like 50 tortillas, because me and Paul were going camping. You packed them up in a zip lock bag and then put foil around it. Woody got into and ate about half of them. You laughed so hard when I told you about it but then you would call me up sometimes and tell me not to forget to give Woody a tortilla because he was a good dog. Sometimes mama you would come to our house when we weren’t even home to make tortillas. I remember you telling me that Woody really liked butter on his. I will cherish the doilies for the rest of my life, they are beautiful. I know you were a little upset when I dyed 2 of them and placed them on my windows as adornment but you told me they were still beautiful. The T-shirts you would buy for you and then they didn’t fit because you were losing so much weight, so you would give them to me. Mama, they didn’t fit me either but I did wear them as night clothes. Remember when papa put up the green curtains in the back bedroom of my house. Well mama I never told you but I hated them, I told Paul, I love mama but these curtains have got to go. I pretty much let you put in my house whatever you wanted. I still have the Comal that papa made, it is a permanent fixture on our stove. The molcajete that you bought me on the way home from the Basilica one year, we stopped on the side of the road. You bought and told me how to ‘season’ it. I just used it again the other day grinding spices for our beef jerky. We still have the bedspread you gave us on our bed. You are all over my house mama. I remember the sadness you showed as your fingers became more bowed, crocheting along with making tortillas became difficult to do. You stopped crocheting before you quit making tortillas. I loved holding your hands and stoking your fingers. Your fingers showed your love because you used your fingers to serve others. From making food, to crocheting, to praying, your fingers expressed your suffering but also your service. Oh my goodness, Mama thank you for loving my children David (or as you called him Daveed) would go to your house and visit every time he was in town. You met his husband, Mitchell and fell in love with him too. Two weeks ago David and Mitchell wanted to come visit you, you weren’t feeling well. I think that was the first time David didn’t drive to your house. Shaun and Becky would bring the baby over to your house and visit. You always had some little treat for Victoria and you let her play with your Saint magnets on the fridge. When you, Becky, Shaun, and sometimes Fiora would go and play B-I-N-G-O I know you had a great time because you loved gambling. I heard you almost always won something. Becky says you would set up all your little good luck charms. Do they gamble in Heaven mama? If so “watch out angels”. I know how much you loved my children, well mama my children loved you too. I remember thanking you before about loving my family and you told me “Family isn’t just about blood Meiha, it’s about heart” well mama you had heart. And Thank you from the bottom of mine. I told V the other day that grandma Stella was going to Heaven and she said “she’s going to see Duke, that’s where Duke is”. I’m thankful that Becky brought Victoria to say good bye to her Grandma Stella one last time. She was so cute, “I love you Grandma Stella.” Your response was ‘you’re so beautiful, I love you too”. Mama, I wasn’t there when you died but I am so thankful that I was there when you lived. I could talk to you for hours mama, I have so many memories, one of the last things you said to me and this was something she said to me a lot over the years was ‘thank you for loving my son’. Mama, thank you for loving me, thank you for making my life better.

  6. What a blessing to have known Stella so long, I didn’t get that many years but what I got were amazing. Thank you for sharing. Love Myra

  7. 5-23 Happy Birthday MS Stella, it will be grand with all the angels surrounding you. ❤️🎁💐

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