Howard Aaron Brothers, the first child of Howard Loel and Annette Hodges Brothers was born in San Antonio. He lived on the family farm with his parents in Gonzales where he played with farm ani- mals, helped garden and do farm chores. Aaron spent part of his early life in daycare while his parents worked. Aaron was cherished by his parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles as he was the first child each family was able to watch grow up. Aaron was educated in the Gonzales Independent School District. He loved school, his teachers and had many friends. While in school Aaron realized he wanted siblings and worked at convincing his parents to get him a brother or sister and promised to help take care of them. Aaron received a brother, George at age 8 1⁄2 and a second brother, Robert at age 10. Aaron loved being a big brother and helped in his brother’s care. He was their favorite teacher and entertainer. He taught them to do farm chores from feeding the animals to hauling hay. Aaron participated in sports from little league baseball to junior and high school football, basketball and track. He loved his coaches and said one day he’d help coach his children’s sports teams. While in high school, Aaron discovered he had an older brother, Marcell. Marcell had lived in Louisiana with his mother and adopted father. Marcell was invited to meet and join his siblings in Gonzales. Marcell later moved to Gonzales and became part of the family. After graduation in 1998, Aaron commuted to St. Phillips College in San Antonio, Texas. He had a minor car accident during a rainstorm and his Highway Patrolman father decided getting a job and building driving experience would help him become a better defensive driver. Aaron worked at the Gonzales area Walmart. He started in the Garden Center, moved to stockman and when regularly assigned restrooms cleaning duties he dealt with his frustrations by providing the cleanest restrooms in Gonzales. He later resumed his commute to St. Phillips, returning each evening to work at the Gonzales area Walmart. Finding little study time, Aaron moved to San Antonio, shared an apartment with high school classmates, and transferred to a San Antonio area Walmart. He met his future wife Maribel, while at St. Phillips, and they dated for 5 years before they married. Realizing completing a degree would take a long time with part-time classes, Aaron ended college and entered the Walmart management training program at the encouragement of his supervisors. Aaron worked hard and progressed well through the training program. He had worked in most every position in the store but was unable to obtain a position as manager of his own store. The couple married. Maribel completed college with a degree in teaching followed by a nursing degree. Maribel announced at her graduation dinner the couple would work on having a baby to their families’ delight. In time Cameron was born and the couple purchased their first home. They did not live in it long, before Aaron was finally promoted to the position of Manager for a Walmart in Odessa, Texas. Aaron was finally able to instill his own vision for running his store. Aaron believed in excellence, he valued and built a cohesive team of associates who he respected and supported. He led by example often working with his team to demonstrate the performance he expected and joined them to get tasks done during staff vacancies. He modeled and demanded of his associates courteous and helpful customer service. His stores were always clean orderly and were highlighted by gleaming floors. Aaron managed three 24-hour super stores in his career with Walmart. He found unique challenges at each and felt much success. At his first store in Odessa, he found success in identifying and implementing his teamwork management style. He believed if he and his Associates provided an excellent customer experience it would result in the success of the store. The oil field boom challenged his ability to maintain his workforce as oil field recruiters under the ruse of shoppers regularly lured away his Associates for higher salaries during the store’s early mornings hours. He obtained his second store in Abilene where he and Maribel purchased their second home and Khalia was born. He found happiness there with a supportive division manager and management team that encouraged his development. However culture change occurred, dismantling the supportive team above and around him. Seeing his peers relieved and resigned, Aaron became the manager for the building of his third store in Winter Haven, Florida. It was assigned as a vacant piece of land with longitude and latitude which he opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony a year later. Selling their Abilene home, Aaron and Maribel purchased his last house 30 miles away in Clermont, where they made their home. He found great successes at each Walmart and even greater challenges which eventually resulted in his decision to end his career with Walmart after 20 years. He had a short break where he reengaged with his family, friends, and nature all which were important to him. He decided to work for Chewy’s which provided 3- and 4-day work weeks which allowed him time to be with his family. Aaron was able to attend all his son’s karate practices and saw him earn his Black Belt, he took his daughter to school daily, participate at the gym with his wife and manicure his yard. In the last year of his life, Aaron began to have time to visit his extended family, spend time at the beaches he loved, experience a space shuttle lift off near Cape Canaveral and take an impromptu vacation to beautiful Gattenlinburg, Tennessee. He had spent his last month entertaining his nieces and nephews for their summer visit and had been hosting and entertaining his wife’s parents from the Philippines. H. Aaron Brothers is survived by his wife, Maribel M Brothers; son, Cameron and daughter, Khalia all of Clermont, Florida. His Texas family to include his parents, Howard and Annette; Brothers of Gonzales, his brother, George of Austin and Robert of San Antonio; maternal grandfather, Isaac G. Hodges III and paternal grandmother, Betty Brothers. Also mourning his loss are his mother- and father in-law, Marie and Michael Morgan of the Philippines, sister-in-law, Bernadette (Jude) Pastoral of San Antonio; brother-in-law, Vilmar Morgan (Rene Cervantes) of California, sister-in-law, Sonya Delgado of San Antonio and brother in-law, Joshua Morgan of California along with his nieces and nephews, Naya and Jaden Pasteral, Mia Delgado. He also leaves to mourn numerous uncles, aunts, and cousins. He is preceded in death by his maternal grandmother, Glodene Hodges and his paternal grandfather, George L. Brothers.
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  1. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my broken heart. I am beyond grateful for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you for the calls, text, care packages, meal deliveries, and donations. It has helped us more than we could express. My heart is so touched by how much love and care you have shown us. It hasn’t been easy. In fact, it has been the hardest and the worst time of our lives. Most of you know Aaron. He is a beautiful human being. He is the best husband, dad, son, brother, and a friend. He loved us dearly and worked so hard to provide for his family. I will forever miss and love my soulmate, best friend, my better half. My husband is who I prayed for and wished before I met him 20 years ago. He has and will forever be my angel. My heart aches for him…so badly. I lost part of me with him. I am thankful he gave me two beautiful angels that will carry a part of him. I will do my best to be the best parent for them. I am so thankful for my parents, my mother and father in law, my siblings, and friends. In this physical earth, you have carried me through this pain. God has his arms wrapped around us. Thank you for feeling the pain and sadness with us. We have felt your love and care you have shown. I am so grateful.

  2. Aaron was the most wonderful man we ever met. We are so blessed to have known him and call him our friend. We truly miss him. Maribel, Cam, and Khalia you are all a reflection of him. You have his big heart and big smile. We love you. Bob & Mary Ann Bianchi ❤️

  3. A kind person,genuine person, a kindred soul,the world would be so much better if we had more like you aaron,love you brother,til we meet again

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