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Nikolas Andreas Romano

nikolas romano

It is with broken hearts that we announce the passing of Nikolas Andreas Romano on September 21, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas at the age of 24. He is survived by his loving parents, Rick Romano and Julianne Turko. Nik was born April 6, 1999 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated from Communications Arts High School, a magnet school in San Antonio, in 2017 and went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management at the University of Texas in San Antonio.


Nik grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and San Antonio, Texas. He experienced life changing and interesting trips around the world to include Japan, France, Italy, and Canada. He managed to visit 41 of the 50 states and enjoyed them all. Particularly playing tricks on his mom about where we were in the world!


After earning his degree, Nik started his professional career at Catamount Constructors, Inc. working at the same company as his father. Although Nik started his career with a bit of skepticism, he flourished under the guidance of his excellent mentors.


If you knew Nik, you loved him. He was intelligent, handsome, kind, and …different. A close friend once asked him if he thought we was special. He responded by saying no, he didn’t think of himself as special but rather he thought of himself as unique. He saw the world through his own eyes and on his own terms. As his dad would say, Nik just “got it.” He was incredibly close to his parents. He always sought their advice and valued their relationship. They shared the same humor, wisdom, and hobbies. They created wonderful projects together.


Like his parents, he loved Halloween. He enjoyed working with them to create a large, fully animated haunted house that spanned over several neighbor’s yards. It was an annual spectacle visited by over 5,000 people and highlighted in the news each year. He especially enjoyed scaring the kids and adults.


Nik spread joy to others. He would stand on a table and play his saxophone at parties. That takes confidence and silliness – just his style. He loved to wear goofy hats when you least expected it – hats with chickens on top of it and hats on top of other hats.


Nik’s humor, cleverness, silliness, kindness, and warmth will be missed.


Rick and Julianne would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Nik’s friends and co-workers that loved him. Your support and compassion are greatly appreciated.



A Celebration of Life will be held on a date and time to be announced. There will also be a Viking funeral send-off at a date and time to be determined. Please join us and share stories of Nik with his friends and family.



In honor of Nik, a scholarship endowment has been created to help teens attain a degree in hopes of creating a better life. We will post details as they are developed but please consider donating in order to keep Nik’s memory alive long into the future.

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Memories Timeline


  1. CandleImageNik, you are so deeply missed by your family and friends. I have never met someone so spontaneous , hilarious, and genuinely caring than you. You are the type of person that people are blessed to have in their life. I will forever cherish our memories together, like the first time I met you at your halloween party and you played your sax for everyone. Please watch over your family and friends buddy, you will never be forgotten. Love you so much

  2. CandleImageNik brought a light into this world, and shined brighter than every star. He was so intelligent, funny, and kind. Loving him was the easiest thing in the world. I’m so lucky to have known him. Nik, you will be missed tremendously. I cannot express enough how proud I am of who you were. You shook the earth and left your mark on our lives. I love you always.

  3. My baby boy, you will be missed tremendously. You brought the greatest of joy to mom and I your entire life. Although it was short, your crammed a full lifetime of activites into it. Rest comfortably knowing that we will continue helping your dearest friends be all that they can be–just as you would want them to do.

    Love you to the moon and back,

    Mom and Dad

  4. CandleImageWe are so very sorry for your loss. We never got to meet Nik— but Rick would talk about him a lot— so felt like we kind of knew him. We will keep you in our prayers
    Dana, Cheryl and Ma y

  5. Nik was genuinely the most kind hearted person I had ever met in my 28 years of life, I had never met someone who made such a huge impact in my life like he did. Even though he was younger, I always looked up to Nik. I saw what he had accomplished in such short time and it was just inspirational to say the least. We’d sit for hours just discussing music and our favorite bands and go to concerts and talk our future businesses together and such. He truly was one of a kind who showed me some of the best years of my life and I don’t expect to find his likeness in another friend ever. Thank you for all the beautiful memories Nik, I love you forever my brother. You are dearly and severely missed.

  6. CandleImageNik was the kind of guy I always aspired to be like. I always felt lucky to be his friend out of so many other people he could have spent his time with. Nik was proud to be the kind of person he was and always wanted other to feel the same about themselves. I have never met someone so encouraging yet also so authentic. All he ever wanted was for not his dreams but everyone elses to come true. Nik always taught me to enjoy myself as a reward for my responsibility, and was never hesitant on making me and his friends smile. I’m going to miss my best friend and I really don’t know how I’m going to smile again, but I know that he would want me to keep kicking life’s ass, just like he did. I love you Nik, thank you for everything you were and everything you have done.

  7. Nik was one of the people in your life that transcended the Bonds of blood and became your brother.He was never our friend but our family.Nik you are loved so much and and we miss you so much.He was such a generous guy that gave freely and was genuine beyond belief, he was ours.Nik always taught me to be myself by not his words but his actions his manner of speaking his very essence allowed us to better ourselves.Nik you’ll always be in our hearts and we’ll never stop loving you.We miss you.

  8. CandleImageNik was the kind of person to change the lives of everyone around him, across the world, and at home. He was always cracking jokes, and got along with just about every person. He always did his best for the people he cared about, and always tried to help others. He has impacted our lives in a way that we will never forget, and he will be missed dearly.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done for my family, you mean the world to us. Rest easy, Nik. 🕊️🤍

  9. CandleImageIt’s impossible to summarize all of Nik’s light into words. When I first met Nik in early high school I was intimidated by the ease in which he moved and the gentle confidence he carried. He was hilarious, confident, and very cool, but it wasn’t until I really started to get to know him that I learned how kind, generous, and strong he was as well. From giving me rides home after school (even though we lived in opposite directions) and sharing new music with me, to making me laugh so hard I almost wet myself in France, and sharing his thoughts and love freely with me, Nik never shied away from closeness and compassion. I never imagined having to say goodbye to Nik and it’s painful to do so so early, but I am so so grateful that I got to feel his brightness in my life and that I get to continue on with his memory. My love goes out to his parents, who always welcomed us with warmth and who Nik always spoke about with love and admiration. Thank you for always being unapologetically yourself Nik, and for being my friend. 💛

  10. Nik was my 4th brother. He had been there for most of my life. And made me and everyone else feel stronger. He gave off this energy that told you “you can do it”. He was truly a go getter and a great passionate brother to me and the rest of my family. He was one of the only constants in my life that I could rely on in case of emergency, he was there for me as a child, and as an adult. I always knew I could rely on him to help in anyway he could. He was everything to me and my family. And even though he wasnt technically related, I hope he knows that even in his final moments, my family will always hold him in our hearts as a brother. He was truly incredible and we will always remember him as just that. We miss you nik. And we will always keep you in our memories, wherever you are, we love you. I love you bro.

  11. CandleImageWhen I thought about our family’s future, Nik was included. He brought us joy, laughter and was the voice of reason for many of his brothers. We are going to miss him everyday and he will continue to be a great part of us. His quips, advice and encouragement will continue to be spoken about. Nik was hilarious, considerate, giving. When he was around, you could hear laughter ALL DAY loud, continous laughter. He was humorous and could take a joke and he definitely dished it out as well. Nik, mijo, you’re loved by us all and 10, 20, 50 years from now, you’ll still be spoken of with enormous affection. I love you, mijo.

  12. My Dearest Nik,
    I can’t express what a loss the world has suffered.
    I have changed your diapers dried your tears. I have watched you laugh, cry and kissed the booboos. You were always the bubbliest of little boys.
    Always moving and never still. Constantly laughing and bringing everyone joy.
    You are a very considerate, kind and loving young man.
    We will miss your daily presence but know you are not gone, you have just gone ahead.
    We love you now and always.
    Claire, Michael, Darcy and Ellen.

  13. Rick and Julianne,
    I have no words to describe my feelings at this time. Our family absolutely adored Nik, he was more of a brother and son than a neighbor. The kids have such fond memories of him building Legos for hours, making up silly games, eating popsicles on the trampoline, Kennywood, a beach vacation,… the list goes on and on. We were so sad when he moved to Texas, the night before you moved to San Antonio, my husband and I and the kids slept on the floor with Nik. They all wanted to sleep next to him, so we slept in a circle.
    Nik was do much fun, a free spirit that thought way out of the box. My heart is broken to know that his life was cut so short.

  14. CandleImageNik never failed to make me laugh. He was a kind, loving, hilarious and great friend. I met him in middle school and knew right away he would be someone i would never forget and i could always be myself around him. I will cherish all the moments i got to spend with him and look back on every memory so fondly. You are so missed already nik and impacted everyone you met and i’m so glad to have met you. we love you forever.

  15. CandleImageNick lived by the family mantra of “ Go Big or go home”. He will be missed! So sorry for the loss.

    Maria & Antonio

  16. I feel so lucky to have met Nik when I did. His quick wit and good attitude made learning to live in Texas so much easier, especially since we were both transplants. The shenanigans we got up to over the years are all wonderful memories, especially the late night drives. We went long periods without talking much, but every time we got back together he always made it feel like no time had passed at all. I miss my friend terribly, but I’m glad to have all the good memories to carry with me. Love you, dude.

  17. I am so sorry to hear of Nik’s passing and such a wonderful young life cut short. During his years in Murrysville, Nik felt like a 3rd brother. I have countless memories I can pull up of him, Matthew, Benjamin, and I running through backyards and playing hide n’ go seek in the dark. While we haven’t been in touch for some time, I can still remember his smile and the laughs we shared as kids. I can’t imagine the number of people he has impacted and brought joy to since then.

  18. CandleImageI am very honored to have known Nik the way I did, he was always there even when it was inconvenient or out of his way. His personality is something I loved about him, the way we could go back and forth being snarky with each other. As sad as I am of him being gone I’m glad I get to be one of the people who keep his memory alive. Rest easy Nik.

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