Ric Duncum, 51, graduated to heaven on Aug.22nd, 2007 in San Antonio, TX . He is survived by his wife, Wanda Dayvault Duncum, their eight year old son, Stevie; also by his parents Gloria & Roy Duncum Jr., sister Karen Duncum, brother Roy Duncum III and sisters in law Helen and Jan and their children Nikki, Ryan, Nehemiah. He is also survived by his parents in law, Ruth Dayvault Stover and Smokey Stover and their family: Jay Dayvault, Denise & Guy Dayvault, nephews Nathan & Jason Dayvault, and Barbara Dayvault. Born December 26th, 1955 and raised in Oklahoma City, Ric later met Wanda and they married there in 1993 . Stevie was born while they lived in Conway, Arkansas. Ric and his family moved to San Antonio in Nov. of 2006 to be closer to extended family members and to enjoy a new chapter in their lives. Ric’s favorite verse was Philippians 1:6 “…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” While we will greatly miss him, we rejoice that he is now whole and complete in every way in heaven. Ric was a gifted musician and he felt closest to God when he was worshiping through music. He loved playing keyboards and drums, and composing and arranging music for worship teams and for personal enjoyment. He also loved spending time with his family watching movies, playing games and just hanging out. He was easy to be around and loved to joke with plays on words. He had an easy smile and his frequent laugh was infectious. He was a hero to his son. He was Stevie’s favorite person and Wanda’s best friend. He loved them with all his heart and they knew it. He had a gift for truly focusing his attention and interest on others – his son and wife most of all. His wife felt like he believed in her, and helped her grow more than she ever would have without him. Many friends have expressed similar feelings as Ric mentored them in musicianship and learning what it really means to worship God and be a great friend. His sister Karen said, “He was one of the finest human beings I have ever known; his honesty and authenticity and open, pure heart.” All who knew Ric well have r emarked on his depth of character, integrity and kindness. His patience and even temper made him a wonderful companion. Ric frequently said: “I have the best family in the world; I love my family.” And we felt it. Ric spent many years in music as a rock and roll drummer, a studio manager, jingle ad company owner and later as an active church band volunteer in Oklahoma City and Conway, Arkansas. Most recently Ric was active in the music ministry at Bandera Road Community Church in San Antonio, TX. In the past decade he pursued a dream by serving as a full time worship pastor for several years in Connecticut and Maryland . He also spent many years using his computer skills in a variety of settings and locations, most recently as a Project Manager for JPMorgan/Chase Bank. Memorial services will be held at Bandera Road Community Church at 1:30 on Sunday August 26th in San Antonio, and at Our Lord’s Community Church at 3:00 on Sunday, September 2nd in Oklahoma City. Memorials may be sent to Bank of America, Wanda Duncum for Stevie Scholarship Fund, 11658 Bandera Rd. San Antonio, TX. 78250. To leave a note for the family or a favorite memory of Ric, please go to meadowlawn.net and select Obituaries. Arrangements by Meadowlawn. San Antonio, Texas . 210 661-3991.

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  1. Dear Wanda and Stevie, My heart aches for your loss. Spirtitually speaking we know that Ric is with Jesus and is in a better place. But, humanly speaking this is terribly painful, lonely, and scary. I have no words of comfort because I don’t know what to say. The only thing I can say is I am praying for you, Stevie, and your extended family. I miss you and wish I could be there to hug you and Stevie. I love you both.

  2. Dear Stevie and Wanda- you are in our prayers. We also were witness to Ric big heart and easy laugh. I have fond memories of sitting in front of the fireplace listening to music, putting together a puzzle or playing a game and laughing with Ric. I’m convinced Jesus will enjoy his laugh in heaven just as much and more. I love you-amy

  3. Wanda and Stevie, We are so very sorry for your loss. We wish we could be with you during this time. Please know that you are loved and are being lifted up in prayer. We are at a loss as to what to say so we ask God to strengthen you and comfort you. We miss you. All our love, Todd, Michelle, Julianna, Drew, and Kyle

  4. Dear Wanda & Stevie, Our heartfelt prayers and love are with you! Ric will be greatly missed, as he left his thumb print on so many of us. He touched our lives in such a big way…we will never forget him or that big infectious smile and laugh that he so wonderfully shared! We are praying for you and holding you close in our hearts! I love you dearly, ~ Terry Harmon

  5. Wanda The Lord is your Shepherd. . . He will never leave you nor forsake you. . . Yea though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you should fear no evil for He is with you. . . . . We are here to love you and be with you as we all adjust to our new lives without Ric’s wonderful, kind, joyful attitude. His role model is no longer present, but his memory will be with us forever. love, Guy Page

  6. Dear Wanda and Stevie, We are very sorry for the loss of Ric. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. The time I spent with Ric riding back and forth between Little Rock and Conway was a very special time. It was a time of fellowship with a really good friend. Ric helped me to grow spiritually and as a musician. I will always cherish those memories. We hope God’s peace and comfort will be very present in your lives during this time.

  7. Dear Wanda and Stevie, We were speechless when we heard of your loss. We lift you up in our thoughts and prayers. We will never forget Ric’s kindness and encouragement. Please be comforted in the fact that Ric’s talents and love for our God greatly influenced many people and probably changed some for the good. What a marvelous testament! Please know that we are praying for you. Rely on each other and the memories you have. God’s peace.

  8. Dear Wanda and Stevie: Our deepest sympathies to you. We are saddened by your sudden loss of a wonderful man, husband and Dad. We can see Ric smiling as he led us in worship and his love of the Lord was always obvious. God Bless You both! The Kaczmarek Family – Keith, Teresa, Drew, Chase & Reed

  9. Dear Wanda & Stevie, Words cannot express our feelings for this worlds incredible loss in Ric’s death. He was, and is one of God’s shining stars. He was a close friend and confidant…one of the warmest people we’ve known. Please know you’re on our minds and in our prayers throughout the days and nights. We’d just like to put our arms around you right now!

  10. Dear Wanda and Stevie, Our hearts are broken for you. We’re praying that you will be carried and held by our Father as you grieve. Love,

  11. Wanda and Stevie, we have all been thinking of you ever since we received the sad news this morning. I remember the day of the move to Frederick from Germantown and how pleased you were with your new place. Our way of dealing with our son’s death was just to remember all of the wonderful memories and we know you have many. We are praying for you. Chris and Gloria from Cedarbrook.

  12. I want to say to Ric’s family that I had the privilege of playing with Ric at BRCC. Not only was he a talented musician, but he was a good man. I immediately felt his friendship from the first day I met him, and I know he was deeply in love with his family. My deepest condolences. Ric, you will be missed brother. Danny Dena

  13. Wanda and Stevie.. I got cheated. Only met Ric at Christmas a few years ago, talked with him once or twice on the phone, and mostly just heard lots about this wonderful man. I have a few things to say, though. Well, several things… Almost visible round him during that Christmas holiday was a kindness, peacefulness, a warm strength and patience. There were strong beams built of love for his family palpable each day, and an openness, an enthusiastic acceptance, I have only experienced a few times in my life in remarkable people. He was so comfortable just to be with! The joy, the stability, the strength and the fortitude to not only survive what many would consider impossible frustrations in his career and life, but to overcome them and forge a life for you as a family that was better than any of us would have imagined was, face it, pretty cool. Wanda, I also know how much Ric helped you grow..as a person, a Christian, a mom..and how impressed everyone in your family has been with how you have bloomed. The gifts he has given were many and generous. I know that your life, that Stevie’s life, that everyone whose life Ric touched, will be richer and bigger and (even though it might not seem that way right now!) happier because he shared this world with us. Stevie, I just lost my own Dad. This is one of the hardest things you and I will have to face in our lives. As the years go by, I trust you will remember what strength there is in gentleness, how loudly the softest piece your Dad played spoke of his love for our Lord and for others, how the biggest obstacles can bring out the very best in a man. I only wish I had such an awesome model of how to lead a remarkable life in my own Dad. You are deeply blessed. I wish you both every comfort, and also want to thank you for making Ric part of our family. We couldn’t have done any better. Much love Lloyd

  14. Reply To: wchin2@juno.com [mailto:wchin2@juno.com] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Wayne Chin on Aug 24, 2007. Wanda & Stevie: We are so sorry to hear about Ric. Our hearts ache. We will always have fond memories of Ric, his service at Cedarbrook and friendship. We especially remember the fun time we had with you all when you stayed with us on your move out to Maryland and how the stay got extended due to snow. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do. We’re praying for you and Stevie. Love, Wayne & Diana Chin & family Frederick, MD wchin2@juno.com

  15. Reply To: donnatodd1@juno.com [mailto:donnatodd1@juno.com] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Donna Todd on Aug 24, 2007. Wanda and Stevie, We are shocked and deeply saddened at the news about Ric. He was a great man and friend. I remember his easy laugh and smile. Remember the photo shoot for the CD he made :) We are praying for you both as you face the challenges ahead. Please call if I can do ANYTHING. Praying without ceasing, Love to you and Stevie from Steve, Donna, Michaela, Erica and Angela New Hartford, CT donnatodd1@juno.com

  16. Reply To: carolswitzer@verizon.net [mailto:carolswitzer@verizon.net] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Jon and Carol Switzer on Aug 24, 2007. Dear Wanda and Stevie, We love you very much and mourn with you over Ric’s passing. He was truly everything you wrote about in his memorial! What a pleasure it was to have known him while you were here in Frederick. He was a true man of God and his relationship with our Lord was thoroughly genuine. God bless you and may the Prince of Peace cover you over these next weeks and months as you adjust. With much love and tears, Jon, Carol Jonathan, Christopher, David and Peter Switzer Frederick, MD carolswitzer@verizon.net

  17. Reply To: dsmith@cedarbrookacademy.org [mailto:dsmith@cedarbrookacademy.org] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Dave & Peggy Smith on Aug 24, 2007. Dear Wanda and Stevie, Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Life is so fragile yet the promises of God are unchanging. All the Smith family members send their love and prayers along as well. Dave & Peggy Smith Brookeville, MD dsmith@cedarbrookacademy.org

  18. Reply To: texicans@comcast.net [mailto:texicans@comcast.net] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Abigail Martinez on Aug 24, 2007. Wanda & Stevie, My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry to hear of Ric’s passing. He was such a man of God and it showed in his music and relationships with people. He will be missed. I will always have the fondest memories of him. If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to call me. My prayers are with the both of you. Sincerely, Abby Gaithersburg, MD texicans@comcast.net

  19. Reply To: crmamm@comcast.net [mailto:crmamm@comcast.net] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Ann-Marie Miller on Aug 24, 2007. Wanda and Stevie, Our hearts ache with yours at your loss. Ric was such a wonderful man. I always admired his gentleness, soft spoken nature, and his sense of humor. I thought he was an excellent worship pastor while he was at Cedar Brook. He will be dearly missed by our family. We love you both so much. Chris, Ann-Marie, Nathanael, Ethan and Benjamin Frederick, MD crmamm@comcast.net

  20. Reply To: janet@madison911.com [mailto:janet@madison911.com] This guestbook entry has been marked private. The family has been notified by email. Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Janet Madison on Aug 24, 2007. Wanda, I was so sorry to hear that Ric had passed away. Ric and I had a special relationship. He was my biggest supporter at Cedarbrook and I always appreciated how he would not only support me but tell others that I was a good secretary. He had a very good heart and it was obvious that he loved the Lord. I feel so sad for you and Stevie. I know that you will miss him immensely. I pray that God will be there in your sorrow and you will lean on him for strength and courage to get you through the days ahead of you. Thank you so much for leaving such kind words on my voice mail. It meant so much to me. In all your sorrow you still are about the business of building people up. You are truly amazing. May God bless you and keep you. Love, Janet Madison Boyds, MD janet@madison911.com

  21. Reply To: millsfamily05@verizon.net [mailto:millsfamily05@verizon.net] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Stephanie Mills on Aug 24, 2007. Ric & Stevie; My prayers are with you that the Lord will provide an abundance of strength, support, love & peace in this time. You are all truly missed at Crossroads Valley Chapel. And while my heart brakes at this sudden change in your life it also rejoices that Ric is with his Lord & Savior. Love, The Mills Williamsport, MD millsfamily05@verizon.net

  22. Reply To: elizabethknox@yahoo.com [mailto:elizabethknox@yahoo.com] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Elizabeth Knox on Aug 24, 2007. Dear Wanda and Stevie, We are heartbroken for you. We know that Ric is with Jesus, but he isn’t with you and we know how very much he loved you both and how much you love him. You three were so beautifully close. What a tremendous loss. Please know that we’re praying for you now and will continue to pray for you both as you grieve for your best friend and Daddy. Stevie, Kathryn sends you a special hug. I wish we could come to the memorial service to see you both. Much love, Elizabeth, Carl and Kathryn Unionville, CT elizabethknox@yahoo.com

  23. Reply To: pmwhite88@hughes.net [mailto:pmwhite88@hughes.net] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Jeff & Pam, Leah, Amelia & Alex on Aug 24, 2007. Wanda & Stevie, Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult time. May you sense the Lord’s Spirit with you both as you comfort one another. I found this verse Psalm 10:17-18. May your hope be in the ONE who Cares for you! With all our Love, Jeff, Pam and the triplets Jefferson, MD pmwhite88@hughes.net

  24. Reply To: dcburnett@conwaycorp.net [mailto:dcburnett@conwaycorp.net] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Brian and Dawn Burnett on Aug 24, 2007. Wanda and Stevie, We just received the news and are terribly sorry. Please know you will be in our prayers…that you will know what God has next for you in His perfect plan. Love, Dawn and Brian Burnett Marianne, T.J., and Robyn Conway, AR dcburnett@conwaycorp.net

  25. Reply To: tommoyerhome@msn.com [mailto:tommoyerhome@msn.com] Guestbook for “Ric”Richard David Duncum signed by Sharon and Tom Moyer on Aug 24, 2007. Wanda and Stevie, Our prayers for peace are with you. Ric pursued God with a true heart. He influenced many for the Kingdom. He is now with our Lord and living in the completness we all long for. Wanda, you will continue to be in our prayers. Gaithersburg, MD tommoyerhome@msn.com

  26. Reply To: kholden@conwaycorp.net [mailto:kholden@conwaycorp.net] Guestbook for “Ric” David Duncum signed by Rob and Kendra Holden on Aug 24, 2007. Oh, Wanda! I don’t have the words to say how very sorry I am… We are praying that God will comfort you as only He can, and that He will give you the wisdom you will need in the coming days. Much love to you both… “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” Deut.33:27 Conway, AR kholden@conwaycorp.net

  27. Reply To: doctorqjw@gmail.com [mailto:doctorqjw@gmail.com] Guestbook for “Ric” David Duncum signed by Dr. Quentin Washispack on Aug 24, 2007. Ric was worship leader at Fellowship Bible Church in Conway, AR. I was on staff as small group and teaching pastor. Ric and I worked together for a Valentine Service on February 2001. We set up a huge Valentine Card at the front of the worship center and had people come up during the service to sign the card. It was a memorable service. Ric was a gifted musician and worship leader. I will miss him. I enjoyed working with him. He was very creative. Conway, AR doctorqjw@gmail.com

  28. Reply To: trscheuter@alliancecable.net [mailto:trscheuter@alliancecable.net] Guestbook for “Ric” David Duncum signed by Teresa & Mike Scheuter on Aug 24, 2007. Dear Wanda, We are both so very grieved to hear of Ric’s passing. He was such a fine man. I used to love watching him play the piano at Fellowship in Conway. He didn’t just smile when he played, he nearly danced off the piano bench with joy! I remember the Valentine’s Day service that Quentin mentioned. Ric asked me to stuff some little goodie bags to put on the seats. I was glad to help. He was very appreciative and gave me a little gift to thank me. When I put it out every year with my other Valentine decorations, I think of all three of you. This year, I will also be reminded to pray much for you and Stevie when that time comes around. Please know that many friends across Conway are holding you close in their thoughts and prayers. With love, Teresa & Mike Scheuter Ben, Matthew, Nathan, & Hannah Conway, AR trscheuter@alliancecable.net

  29. Reply To: teresacramer@hotmail.com [mailto:teresacramer@hotmail.com] Guestbook for “Ric” David Duncum signed by Teresa Cramer on Aug 24, 2007. Dear Wanda & Stevie – I am so very sorry! I can’t even begin to imagine what you and Stevie are going through. My heart aches for you. Losing a loved one so suddenly and unexpectedly is extremely sad, but may you find comfort and peace in knowing that Ric was a true man of God and that he is in Heaven. Although our paths only crossed briefly, I am blessed to have met you and I will keep you and all of Ric’s loved ones in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Teresa Cramer Colorado Springs, CO teresacramer@hotmail.com

  30. Dear Wanda & Stevie, We remember Ric well as a musician, friend, and community group leader. He had such a passion for serving God and people. We’re so sorry he was taken from you so early.

  31. Wanda, Honey, it’s Mom. There aren’t any words, Sweetheart, to tell you how my heart aches for you. And for Stevie. And for all of us. There’s still, even now on Sunday morning, such an air of unreality about all of this. I am so thankful we can be here with you. I woke up this morning remembering, “The eternal God is our refuge and underneath are His everlasting arms.” I am so thankful for that assurance. I love you, Sugar. And Smokey and I will always be ready to do anything we can for both of you. Always, Mom

  32. Wanda, I had only the brief encounters with you and Ric at BRCC, but it was obvious that you both were happy in a made for one another sense. Ric’s favorite spiritual message is similar to a thought I carry when we lose such a valuable treasure at what seems to us, such a premature time. God felt that Ric had finished His designed work. Another thought I want you to hold, you are not alone in your sorrow. Sincerely, Mike Grimes

  33. We were so shocked to hear that the Lord has taken Ric home so soon. We will pray for you Wanda and Stevie everyday that God will see you through this loss. With much love, The Harrington Family

  34. Dear Wanda & Stevie, It was such a shock to hear of Ric’s death. We are so sorry for your loss, but know that God will comfort and give you peace & strength through it all. PRAISE GOD that Ric is at home with his Lord! He was one of the finest worship leaders we’ve ever worked with and we mised him terribly when you all left. He was a special friend, an encourager and believed in everyone’s potential. We will miss his great laugh, smile, & big bear hugs; yet even now, we can see in our minds his excitment and deep passion as he praises our Lord! “I Can Only Imagine” is now a reality for him and he KNOWS what it is to be in God’s presence! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. Our love always, Ada & Jerry

  35. Wanda, I am the music teacher at Hatchett Elementary School. I met you when you were a substitute at our school for the other music teacher. I am so shocked and saddened to learn about the death of your husband. I want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you and your precious son. God is good and He will give you strength at this time and in the future.

  36. Dear Wanda, So sorry to hear that Ric has been called “home” to the everlasting arms of our Lord and Savior. Ric had a true passion for using his gifts to serve God and we will be praying that He comforts you in your loss with many wonderful memories of your lives together. We are thinking of you and lifting you up often.

  37. Dear Wanda & Stevie, First of all I cannot believe Stevie is 8! Now we have one that was his age when we met. Where have the years gone? As most have stated, it was quite a shock to hear the news of your great loss and we are truly sorry. My heart aches for you both. You’ve been on our hearts & minds all weekend and we will continue to keep you in prayer. Noah & I were just reminiscing of your friendship this summer when he organized his music sheets and came across several of Ric’s arrangements from FBC. Noah laughed & commented at how talented Ric was at making a simple guitar song so complicated for him and how much fun we all had in worship together! Like someone else said and I can still picture, he DID nearly dance off the piano bench in true worship of our King! What talent the Lord blessed him with, in so many ways. His beaming smile, warm hugs and contagious laughter will forever be in our hearts. How blessed we are to have shared life with you all in Conway! We’ll never forget how you opened up your home to us for your small group’s super bowl party! It was wonderful to be invited over & given such love in a new town. Thank you. May the Lord guide your steps, hide you both in the shadow of His wings and give you the strength & courage to follow His plans set before you. May the deep love he had for you both (which was so evident!) along with the wonderful memories & the love of the Father sustain you until you are celebrating with him in heaven. We send our love & sympathy… such a passionate, loving, encouraging, patient man will be missed by many. Love and blessings to you! Noah, Emily, Asher & Elliana Baer

  38. Wanda and Stevie, Our hearts go out to you. Ric was such a blessing to be with. May our Father in heaven give you comfort, grace and srength to deal with his loss. I have fond memories of Ric, we enjoyed his company as he stayed with us on his move to Maryland, He was such a joy to talk to, laugh with and worship with. Love in Christ, Kirk Patton

  39. Wanda and Stevie, I’m soooo sorry to hear about the loss of your father and husband. This must be an extremely difficult time. Your faith is strong and I know it will help you along… I will keep you both in prayer.

  40. Although I never met Ric, I did meet Wanda and her mom at one of our Ladies’ Night Out functios at church. My heart goes out to the family, especially their son. Ric had a presence about him; even from afar one could tell how much he enjoyed worshipping God. His testimony will live on for the glory of God.

  41. Despite your short stay in CT, we often have though and talked about you. We will always cherish every minute of joy, fun and worship music that Ric and his family brought to us. We ask God for his mighty strength in the lives of Wanda and Stevie. For Ric, we can only imagine what it would be like to be in presence of Jesus… Khavari’s love and embrace you from CT.

  42. Wanda and Stevie. How difficult it is for me not to be near you guys at this time. But, I know how much you were loved by Ric. And that love will stay with you in your hearts. God knows how much we can bear and when it is time, He calls us, we must answer and go. I am praying for you both and your family that the peace which passes understanding will be yours in the coming days and months. Stay strong in the Lord and He will direct you. Love you much! I’ll be calling. Pearl

  43. My heartful prayers and sympathy go out to the Duncum family during this time. I will keep your family in my prayers and ask that God give you strength to bear this heartache. Lean not on your understanding. Ric was a wonderful colleague and will be sorely missed.

  44. Dear Wanda and Stevie, I just heard the news this past Sunday 8/26. We just got back from our vacation. I am very sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers. It was a priviledge for me to have had served along side Ric. He was such a gifted musician and a very kind friend. I will miss him. We’ll see him again in Heaven. God bless you and Stevie, and give you strength and comfort. Much love, Mieng Setiawan

  45. Wanda..it’s Kathy with TPC. We recently moved to North Carolina and I was just emailed with the news that Ric has joined Jesus in Heaven. I’m sure his gift of music will be played with the angels. Please email me back when you have a moment. We are praying for you and your family. Blessings! Kathy

  46. Wanda and Stevie, Prayers that God will comfort you as only He can. Heartfelt thoughts are with you. Ric’s joy in the Lord impacted all of us. Love, Katy

  47. Wanda, Our hearts go out to you at this impossibly difficult time. We can’t even fathom the pain or your broken heart, but we are assured that we have an awesome God. You may never understand why but you will never walk this difficult road alone either. He will put his angels charge over you and bear you up in His hands. God will never leave you or forsake you or Stevie and He will provide all that you need. Remember “Great is His faithfulness” Please call if you need anything at all. We love you so much and are praying for His peace for you that surpasses all that we can comprehend. Love, Debbie Monnet (and family)

  48. Hi Wanda, You and Stevie are in my prayers daily. My memories from the first time I met Ric are of a person who knows no strangers, only friends he hadn’t met yet. He was always open, friendly, and kind. I wish I could have visited more frequently. He will be missed. Love, Carol

  49. I attended Cedar Brook Community Church in Maryland during some of the time Ric was a music worship leader there. I have nothing but the best of memories of him and of Wanda and Stevie. Ric always had a ready smile, a kindness and a deep sincerity that was conveyed to us all. His passion for music made us passionate about music and about praising God. Our sincere condolences to Wanda, Stevie and both families. He is in Heaven with the Lord and although there are tears on earth, there is joy in Heaven. I pray for God’s grace to cover you all during this time and please know our prayers are with you. Vicki, Luis and Veronica Patino

  50. Dear Wanda, God Bless you and Stevie during this time of saying,”See you later” to Ric in your own way. I really enjoyed learning under Ric’s leadership at CedarBrook Community Church. I will be praying for you and yours. Yo sista in Christ—Francine Owens

  51. We are so sorry to hear the news of Ric’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Stevie. Ric was a very talented musician, arranger, artist and teacher. I enjoyed spending many hours worshiping with him while he was here in Conway. I am confident that he has found his place before the One who he sang about here on Earth.

  52. We are just so sorry for your loss. We pray in the days ahead that you and Stevie will feel the love of our sweet heavenly father surround you. We love you. Kevin and Ann

  53. Wanda and family, I met Ric and sat and talked with him on numerous occasions in the green room at BRCC. Ric always made me laugh and had such a vibrant smile and attractive personality that was evident to all. I can not imagine the sorrow you must feel at this time, so please let me know if you need anything. Remember, our God is a God of comfort and he will carry everyone through this time.

  54. I worked with Ric for a few months in Little Rock. He was one of the most happy guys I have ever known. Please accept my condolences and I know he is where the angels are singing…and he is singing right along with them.

  55. Worked with Ric in LR at Fidelity Info Servs formerly Alltel – was so excited when he decided to go to SA to enter into ministry – God Bless his family –

  56. I worked with Ric in Little Rock all too briefly. He was a great guy and an incredible talent. Please accept my condolences.

  57. I had the wonderful opportunity to work and worship with Ric when I lived in Conway. I still have the worship CD that he put together back then. When I feel the need to be re-centered I pop it in. In that way I, like many others that Ric came into contact with, will continue to be blessed by having know him.

  58. Wanda: I was so sad to hear that Ric had gone on to heaven so suddenly. I ache for you and Stevie and how you will miss such a wonderful man. Yet I know our Father will hold you in the palm of His hand, providing for your every need, even emotional. I’d love to see you whenever you are in Conway. Much love

  59. We had the pleasure of working with Ric in Arkansas. We remember what a proud papa he was when he brought newborn baby Stevie up to the office. We also enjoyed his music and his easy-going way. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family now.

  60. Ric was one of the nicest persons I know. He was gracious, warm and fun to be with. Although it has been a few years since I have seen him, he left a such a wonderful impression I won’t ever forget him. He is making beautilful music in heaven, singing in the Heavens choir and looking out smiling that big old smile. Wanda, may God be with you and stevie, may His face shine upon you and give you peace we’e all going to miss that big old huggable loveable bear. You all are in my prayers. Love Always, Tim Sherar

  61. Wanda, Our heart and prayers go out to you. We so enjoyed Ric’s music at Fellowship; he has blessed many with song. We pray for comfort for you and your son and that warm memories and knowing Ric enjoyed the Lord’s work will carry you through the rough times. Jim and Carolyn Dunbar

  62. I’m so sorry to hear about Ric. I didn’t know him that well but was on the worship team with him at Fellowship Bible Church in Conway. He was very easy to worship with, had a wonderful sweet spirit and I truly felt part of the team when he would lead us. I’m sure he is greatly missed and that he’s joined the great chorus in heaven. Our prayers are with you. In Christ’s love, Sue Wiese

  63. Wanda and Stevie – Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We are so sorry for your loss and were devastated by the news. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. The boys send their love to Stevie. Love, The Lyons

  64. Wanda, Kendra Holden called us on Saturday to tell us what had happened. We were so shocked and saddened. We chatted with our community group that evening about Ric’s gift for worship. Ken recalled the time he worked on the deck with Ric and Rob. My heart is breaking for you right now. I know you will miss him so much. I’m finding that the more complicated life gets the more I long for heaven. I’m sure that longing will be even more real for you now. I’m grateful that Ric is now involved in the grandest worship service of all. Please know that as God brings you and Stevie to mind that we will be praying for His peace and comfort for you. We love you. Ken and Dawn Wilson

  65. Wanda, We are so sorry to hear of your loss of Ric. We remember you both with fondness. Ric’s joy while playing and leading worship was so visible. He left a strong legacy. You and Stevie are in our thoughts and prayers. Steve and Marti Evans

  66. Dear Wanda and Stevie,Let me say that Ric was a blessing to my family and I as he led us in worshiping the Father in Heaven. My prayer is that our Father will hold you and lift you up each day. Love you,

  67. Wanda and Stevie, You are both in my thoughts and prayers daily. Rics devotion to his family always touched me, as that type family unity is lacking in these times. I know that he is still with the both of you everyday watching over you just as he did when he was still here. I will forever remember him as a warm and loving man who turned his back on noone. He was like a father figure to me and the time that I was blessed enough to spend with him will always be cherished.

  68. To Ric’s family: Ric was a close friend in my youth group at Northwest Baptist Church in OKC, OK. He was instrumental in making sure those of us who were younger felt accepted in the youth group. He drove us everywhere in his “hippi” van, and we loved the fact that he could play the drums. He was one of the first ever to do that in our church. I also loved to hear him mess around on the piano. My youth group was very instrumental in developing my relationship with Christ, and Ric was a big part of that too. I’ll always be grateful. After all of these years of no contact, it is so gratifying to know that he was still “fighting the good fight” and serving his Lord with his music. I wish I had followed through with my plans for a reunion of NW Baptist Youth Group of the early 70s. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  69. Wanda: We will miss Ric’s presence and remember him with love, Especially his great love for music and for you and Stevie. You know we love you both. My heart aches for you as I know this was not the road you expected. We both thought highly of Ric and are regretful that time marched on and we had not reconnected with the two of you after your move to San Antonio. We will all one day see Ric again but we wish we could see him now. Love Layla & Don

  70. Wanda, I met you a couple of months ago at the Friday night womens group. I never met Ric, but you told me who he was, and every time I saw him playing, I could tell how much he loved it. Please know that I will be praying for you and Stevie to feel Gods comfort and love in this difficult time. Kelly

  71. Wanda, I met you a couple of months ago at the Friday night womens group. I never met Ric, but you told me who he was, and every time I saw him playing, I could tell how much he loved it. Please know that I will be praying for you and Stevie to feel Gods comfort and love in this difficult time. Kelly

  72. Wanda and Stevie, You have been in my heart and prayers. I cannot even imagine your pain and loss. I vividly remember Ric singing “I can Only Imagine” and moving me to tears often over the years as I remember how he brought me closer to God. He inspired me and taught me how to worship – I will always be grateful for him. I am thankful to have recordings of him now, and envision him worshiping wholeheartedly in heaven! May God provide strength and comfort to you both as you wait until the day that you will once again see Ric and our Heavenly Father.

  73. Wanda, Tom and I are truly sorry for your loss of Ric. We were blessed by his presence on the worship team at Fellowship in Conway. May you feel God’s presence during this time. Know that you are on our hearts and in our prayers. love, Tom and Joanie Roberts

  74. Wanda and little Stevie, First of all I love you in the name of Jesus Christ our savior,our lord,our rock in times like these.I was in great shock because I had plan to call you all the Monday the 27th. I received the message on my phone Sunday after work,to make a long story short Ric had been heavy in my spirit(I want to tell you the story later)but after listening completely to one of my songs he helped me to produce I had great peace and the peace came when I heard his voice at the end of the song!! In a daydream moment I saw him accepting an award like a grammy or something , I wanted to call and tell him the that the Lord God has great plans for him and how his talent will make room. What an awesome pleasure to have been a small part of your family’s life!! Ric the great composer,music extrodinaire, But most of all a good God fearing family man. Wanda and Stevie the Lord God would have me to tell you you are not alone and to cast all your cares on him.. Up above my head I hear music in the air up above my head there is a melody so sweet, there must be a God somewhere. Expect a miracle and may the peace of God be on Ric and your whole bloodline, If there is anything I can do please let me know! call me soon .Love Roslyn Bryson

  75. My husband and I were friends of Ric’s in the 80’s. We spent many wonderful moments together. He had a huge and Loving heart and was a joy to be around. I’m sure his son Steve was the apple of his eye. He will alway’s be in our heart’s.

  76. Wanda, Stevie and Family- We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Remember that though it may seem dark at times, it is that the Lord is sheltering you under his wings of love. Love, Ken, Tracy and Katie Parks

  77. Wanda and Stevie, I have tried to write for over a week and even now, I still can’t write without crying. I wanted you tell you again how sorry we are for the loss of your husband, Stevie’s father, and both of your best friend. Ric was an amazing Worship Leader, but he was so much more than that…he was a wonderful small group leader, an incredible teacher, a great mentor, a phenomenal example of strength in Christ…a beloved friend. He was such a gift to us and we will miss him sorely. We are thankful to God for having placed him in our lives, if only for a little while. I wish that I could bring you all chicken soup again and make things better, but I will just have to send long distance kisses and hugs and offer hope of a better tomorrow when we will all be together again listening to Ric play, sing and laugh. Please know that you have been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. If there is anything that we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Christ’s Love, Grace, and Peace, Maria, Scott, and Natalie Grace- “The goodness and kindness of God, without regard to our merit, value, or worth, in spite of what we deserve”

  78. Dear Sister Wandi and Little Pal Stevie: The several days we were together there at your home in San Antonio just taking the time to cry and be together was a real blessing. Wandi, your soul mate and Stevie, your best pal was so committed to both of you and to your happiness and he loved you both so very deeply. God blessed our hearts and our lives so richly by giving us Ric for the years that we knew him. It’s so hard to wake up each day and instantly remember that he’s already gone ahead to be with the Lord and to feel such emptiness. My prayer and my commitment to both of you is to be there for you as you adjust to life after Ric. My boss who lost his own Dad at about Stevie’s age is very supportive of my taking time away from trials and witnesses to come back to Texas to be with you both in the very near future. So, count on it. Lloyd and Craig and I are anxious to have you both out to Northern California soon. You know my number. Anytime. I mean it. I love you both, big hugs all around. JJ/Unca’ Pal

  79. Wanda, I was so sorry to hear of Ric’s passing. What a comfort to know with certainty that he awaits you and Stevie in Heaven. I have been praying for you both and am sending a memorial for Stevie’s education. God be your strengh and peace. Love you, Molly Steely

  80. Although I only worked with Ric for a short time her at Chase in Frederick MD, he made an impression on me. My son Jarrad and Ric worked on the same team for a short time. It was a very positive experience for my son. As a manager I know I could always count on Ric to work independently and do the right thing. I lost my father when I was the same age as Stevie. Keeping close to Him who writes the poem of life will turn mourning into gladness.

  81. Dear Wanda and Stevie, Please know that both of you have been in our thoughts and prayers. Ric was so full of life! We know that he will be dearly missed. We will continue to lift you up in our prayers. Love, Kevin, Kendra, Aaron & Andrew Griffin

  82. Wanda – I am praying that the Lord will make himself known to you in a special way during these sad and uncertain days. He walks beside you as you are passing through this difficult time – Isaiah 43:1-2. So are your friends and family as we lift you and Stevie up to the only one that can comfort you like no one else. I would love to talk with you when you feel up to it. Here are verses that I am praying over you – Psalm 119:28, Ps.94:18-19, Isaiah 41:10,13. Love to you…Jill

  83. This may sound strange but you don’t know me Wanda and I was browsing around the forum thru brcc website and heard about your husband and saw pic of you. My heartfelt prayer goes out to you and your family. Ric sounds like such a God loving spirtiual soul in your life. I pray over you and your family. When I saw your pic I thought I was crazy saying to myself I’ve seen that smile before than it finally came to me. I do remember that smile I believe you were in front of me in line for the snacks during the family nite “Everyone’s Hero” and how symbolic that is because I couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful and friendly smile you had. We had a short funny conversation how will we ever carry the snacks with two hands. And to realize the loss for you and your son to be able to smile such a smile that was unforgetteable. It was as if your spirit never left you and that your husband still alive. That is what I call a true hero and it’s an honor to even witness that God is there with you and your husband’s love is still powerful and alive in you because your unforgetteable smile was purely a proof that life still goes on. I do apologize for throwing this all to you but I can’t get over your loss yet how amazing your smile still lives. You’re amazing Wanda and felt your strength and courage from such a total stranger to you. It is an honor to have met a hero I didn’t even know till now. May God be with you Wanda and your son be hovered with constant love, strength, courage, and a smile that still lives will make your husband very happy in heaven because it shows his spirit lives in you…”life has to end love doesn’t”…your son too will see that you’re a hero. In Christ, Shirley

  84. In the early 70s, Ric and I performed music together in various bands, recordings and performances. He had a cheerful spirit, and was a kind and gentle soul. A very talented musician. Although I had not seen Ric for several years, the news of his passing was quite a shock. God bless you, Ric.

  85. I met Ric along with Dave McEver when we were very young. My memories of Ric are always pleasant and combined with seeing that huge smile of his. Dave, Ric and I played together in a band called the Mark IV. What a talented musician… performer/songwriter. We will always be blessed by his presence now and forever.

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