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Verdell Davis

verdell davis

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  1. Mom, I love you and miss you so very much. You were and always be so special to me. I hope that we are together again someday. I love you, and hope you know that!!! Your son, Tommy

  2. Mom, As in life you died your way. (Grannie’s Birthday)! I miss her too – and I still need you. You gave me so many valuable lessons through out my life which have made me the person I am. You have five beautiful children – all a credit to you. Thank you for giving me this life. Love, Cindy

  3. Grannie,U are the strongest, selfless,smartest and most beautiful spirited woman I know.Ur the best grannie & my only grannie in my eyes.Ive learned so much from you.I only hope that I can be half the woman you were.Even after all youve gone thru you still managed to keep a smile and enjoy life.U always helped others even when you had virtually nothing to give some how you found a way.You have taught me how to be an independent, educated, successful woman and a great grandmother.I know you know how much I love you & you love me (we told each other everyday).As I promised I will take care of your home and keep it in the fam.b/c I know how much work you put into it.I still dont understand why you had to leave & as much as I want you back here w/me I have2understand your in a much better place watching over me.(my guardian angel)I know you hate when I abreviate but I cud go on forever listing my love for you.As I told you I have always looked up to you&admired you,you are my inspiration in so many ways.I thank you for giving me a great mother thats strong just like you.Dont worry ill give Ashlen kisses4you everyday.I guess this valentines day I wont have a valentine since we were always each others but Ill still get you a card.Im going2miss doing yard work4you as you watch and make me laugh.Above all else I will simply miss you,just hearing your voice, seeing your face,or listening to your words of wisdom,its you ill miss and its you ill always remember.I hope you can still hear me when I talk2you and say I love you cuz I still say it everyday out loud as if your here.I love you Grannie and I miss you.Its as if saying it just isnt enuff4me if there was some other way to show or express how much I love and miss you I would but for know I just tell you I LOVE YOU & WISH YOU WERE HERE.I know you hate when I cry you wud say “shut that cryin up” but I cant stop Grannie,I want you back here w/me.I know Ill see you again someday,but until then I love you Grannie please dont ever forget that.MUAH!!I LOVE U!! your granddaughter & admirer NIK.

  4. Dear Ms. Davis: Ur Legacy Lives On This is nasser mccall saying that u are being missed in more ways then one. I know that I havent known u that long, but the time we did spend together were great because of the words and wisdom that u inspired me with. Ms. Davis somtimes life doesnt always make sense, but u always made sense in every situation when dealing with family, friends, and school. I know u are in heaven keeping GOD company with ur great spirit and humor. I am glad I had a chance to come in contact with a women with ur level of smarts, spirit, and tlc for all. Until we meet again love u and holy prayers. P.S. U were one of the only people who took me in when first meeting me and that says alot about the character of a great women.I’ll never forget u. GODBLESS Nasser McCall

  5. My deepest condolences to the family of Ms. Davis. May God keep her safe in the house of the Lord forever. She spent her life as an Angel on earth and has now been chosen to watch over you all from the heavens. May sweet memories of her life fill your heart and minds in your time of loss. Truly, Fernando Medellin

  6. Leslie, I just wanted to say that I think you are very special and I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I hope the butterfly tree reminds you of how special some of your co-workers think you are to them.

  7. Ms. Davis Although I did not know you I feel like did through your wonderful daughter Leslie. I’m sure now that you are in heaven you know just how much you were loved by your family and how special you were to them. I hope and pray that one day we will be able to meet in heaven. You certainly made a big difference in many peoples lives. Your wonderful daughter Leslie will certainly keep your memory alive and I know that you will be your families guardian Angel P.S. Please tell my dad that I love him very much and I can’t wait to see him. Say hi to my grandma and grandpa.

  8. May the Lord Bless You and fill you with His Love and Peace. Remember Precious in the sight of The Lord is the death of one of His Saints.

  9. May the Lord Bless You and fill you with His Love and Peace. Remember Precious in the sight of The Lord is the death of one of His Saints.

  10. May the Lord Bless You and fill you with His Love and Peace. Remember Precious in the sight of The Lord is the death of one of His Saints.

  11. Dear Ms. Davis, Even though I’ve never met you, I feel like I know you. This is because I work with one of your daughters and she has spoken of you throughout the years. I intend to encourage her to continue to speak about you. This is because you have not left us. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your personality, and the love that you’ve given your children surround us. Because of this, your presence is here. Now you have reached a different realm of existence and this different realm remains, even as I write this. I will comfort your daughter. She was loved by you in this life as she is loved by me. I remain a friend to you and to your entire family. Judy

  12. Through the loving touch and action of Ms. Davis’ daughter, Leslie Towner, and Leslie’s family, Ms. Davis was ever-so gently carried through life’s final passage and delivered to God truly on angels’ wings in a golden glow of love.

  13. Happy Birthday, Mom. I really miss you. I sent Nikki a Valentine’s gift as a reminder of your love for her. She called me and thanked me and spoke of you. She graduated that Friday. Everyone was so proud of her, as I’m sure you are. Tommy and I communicate very frequently now. Miss you, Love, Cindy

  14. Dearest Verdell, I sure do miss you! I miss all our talks about life, men and memories. After my Mama died, you were there to (in a way) take her place here on earth. You were a very strong woman, just like Granny Clifton and Mama and I miss and admire all of you. As I get older I use the wisdom you three great women gave me with your life experiences. I am so proud to be a part of such a strong and wise group of women. I know you’re up there with Mama and Granny watching over all of us and you’ll always be in my heart. I love you. Cheryl

  15. Verdell was born with the gift of kindness and everyone that knew her felt this, a very special person, she will always be with us. I know she is watching over us everyday with a smile.

  16. Mom, I visit this site weekly. It has been a great comfort to me to read how other people (strangers to me) felt about you. I miss you every day. Love to you and us. Cindy

  17. It seems just like yesterday that you held my hand and said “You are gonna need help with this”. God you were so right, its been a year and I still need help with this. I will not make this sad and lengthy becsuse I know you would not like that, but there is not a day that goes by that you are not on my mind. I know you are with us in our hearts and we all miss you terribly, Ashlen asks almost every day “where is my grannie?” We will burn a candle for you tomorrow as we celebrate your life and Ashlen’s birthday. Here’s to you mom and one of your favorite songs “If I could put time in a bottle”. Love and miss you. Leslie

  18. A poem i wrote for u Grannie, Question for the no longer here: Memories overcome me Thoughts of u surround me. Shes in a better place.. It was just her time.. Words spoken..but to me just mimed. I love u now,like i loved u before I see u now..I hear u no more. A million moons apart Can u feel the love thru my heart Or hear my whisper in the dark? Are words to u simply echoed in my ear..Or can u sense my fear And tast my tear? Ur voice, ur laughter The warmth of ur hug..never again. It kills me, as reality slowly sets in. Can it really be true The no longer still living a life? Or is it some sort of misconstrued lie..Merely a hope to get me by. Does the utterance of I love u fall upon the ears of the deaf Does it all mean nothing, because without breath..there truly is nothing left?? Refusing to think you’ve completely gone..Optimism keeps me holding on While fait brings me to another dawn. Ashes to ashes..dust to dust Ill see u God we trust. Love u Grannie, Nik Well Grannie time has gone by and its been a year,things have changed and I have grown, but mentally and emotionally when it comes to u I am at a stand still. I still cry if someone speaks ur name and I still miss u daily. Oh wut i would do for just one more hug or ur voice telling me u love me.I keep seeing my last image of u taking ur last breathe and wishing there was something i couldve done.Hhhh..i dont have much to say to this comp. I just want u back Grannie, I miss u and i love u more than words can express.I LOVE YOU GRANNIE!! MUAH!! Nik

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