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6 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral

6 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral

1.) Make your funeral more personal.

You are a special and unique person, you have made your mark on the world and the people close to you. Your funeral is a celebration of your life. Who better to plan it than you? Pre-planning your funeral gives you the ability to connect with your loved ones through the service. Your family & friends will notice and be moved by your presence. The personalization of your funeral requires some thought. What music represents you best? Who do you want to be your pallbearers? Who should deliver eulogies?  What poems, quotes or particular philosophies would you like included? There are many ways to personalize your funeral. Meeting with one of our knowledgeable staff is a great way to start the process and make sure nothing is overlooked.

2.) Make sure no one is left out.

Without making a list of everyone you want to be notified about your funeral, your family could overlook people they might not know. During pre-planning you get to decide who you want to be notified of your funeral. Think about the groups, organizations, distant relatives and co-workers your family might not think about inviting. Individuals who have pre-planned their funeral have the peace of mind knowing that no one will be left out.

3.) Lock in the price.

Pre-planning your funeral is a smart financial decision. Prices are constantly changing and, unfortunately, the change usually goes up, not down. By pre-planning a funeral and paying sooner rather than later, you lock in the current prices that are almost guaranteed to be lower than if you wait. This also relieves your family of the burden of paying for your funeral.  There are many different ways to pay. You can usually get a discount if you pay in full, or you can break up the cost into monthly, quarterly or annual payments. Choosing the best payment plan for you is part of the pre-planning process and we are here to help.

4.) Make sure the religious and cultural traditions that are important to you are followed.

Culture and religion are a central element of one’s identity. Pre-planning ensures that your religion or culture is properly recognized. You may have cultural traditions you want followed that your family may be unaware of.  You may be religious, but your family isn’t or maybe you aren’t religious, but your family is. Pre-planning will give you the comfort of knowing that your beliefs will be considered.  If you are religious, talking with your religious leader about the funeral traditions can help you decide what to include.

5.) Make sure your wishes to have a burial or cremation are fulfilled.

This is a big one: cremation or burial? This is an important question that requires some reflection. Once you have your answer, make sure your family and friends are aware of your wishes through pre-planning. This give guidance for disagreeing family members.

6.) As a gift to your family.

Just like planning a wedding, planning a funeral requires a lot of thought. Major decisions have to be made in a very short period of time. It can be extremely stressful for family. A pre-planned funeral is a great gift to give your family, it allows them to work through their grief and gives them some peace during a trying time. They are able to grieve the way that they need and experience a celebration of your life that was planned by you.

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